UniFi ☁️ Installation with UDM or UDR 📶 - Older Interface

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Connect to your UniFi Controller via the web app or https://unifi.ui.com 

  • Select Wireless Networks and press the + CREATE NEW WIRELESS NETWORK button
  • We recommend adding a network name like the following _Business Name FREE WiFI , this will ensure your company will be displayed at the top of all other networks.
  • Ensure the Enabled button is Ticked ✅
  • Security = Open
  • Guest Policy must be ticked✅
  • Network , if you have a Guest VLAN already choose this from the drop-down, or scroll to the bottom of this page to see our notes on how to add a Guest VLAN. 
  • If your network doesn't have a super-fast connection and you'd like give guests a speed limit please click here to read our article on speed limitations.

Please see the example below


Click on "Guest Control" to complete the setup

  • Enable Guest Portal ✅
  • Choose "External Portal Server"
  • IPv4 Address type in
  • Enable Secure Portal✅
  • Enable Redirect using hostname ✅ and type in getonline.captivewifi.io
  • Enable HTTPS Redirection ✅
  • Click "Access Contol" and type in the following items.




  • Press Apply Changes


Please see the example below


Additional Recommendations 💻

We recommend adding a separate LAN for this network; feel free to reach out to your IT Team or if you need assistance, our support team can set this up for you in a few moments - click ➡️support@captivewifi.io This link will generate an email to our team.

If you have a UniFi Gateway
  • Click the Networks Tab > Like the image below.
  • Choose "Create New Network"
  • Select Name and type in CaptiveWiFi VLAN
  • Choose the interface (Usually LAN) 
  • Select the VLAN box and choose a VLAN that hasn't been used before we recommend 99
  • Select Gateway IP / Subnet and type in a new LAN (we recommend and press update -  unless this conflicts with your network please choose another variation, this will give you 4,094 network addresses to use.
  • Scroll down to DHCP Leases and type in 900.
  • Press Save
If you have a different Firewall
  • Set the VLAN for the WiFi network above
  • Enable this network on your local Firewall

Head over to the Captive WiFi dashboard with your local admin credentials to complete the setup on the platform. 

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