UniFi ☁️ Installation with UDM or UDR 📶 - New Interface

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Connect to your UniFi Controller via the web app or https://unifi.ui.com 

  • Select Wireless Networks and press the + Create New button
  • We recommend adding a network name like the following _Business Name FREE WiFI, this will ensure your company will be displayed at the top of all other networks.
  • Select the "Manual" button
  • Hotspot Portal must be ticked✅
  • Client Device Isolation must be ticked✅
  • If your network doesn't have a super-fast connection and you'd like to give guests a speed limit, please click here to read our article on speed limitations.
  • Once the above information has been entered, please press "Add WiFi Network"

Please see the example below

Click on "Hotspot Manager" to complete the setup

It's located on the left menu see the image below

Now click the Landing Page option at the top of the page 

Select the Authentication button and ensure External Portal Server ✅ is enabled.




Click "Edit" on External Portal Server and type in the following IP address


Click the "Settings" button to complete the setup (see example below)

Ensure all the boxes are selected ✅ 

Enter getonline.captivewifi.io for the Domain

Click "Add Hostname, IP or Subnet" and type in the following items.






We recommend adding a separate LAN for this network; feel free to reach out to your IT Team, or if you need assistance, our support team can set this up for you in a few moments - click ➡️support@captivewifi.io This link will generate an email to our team.
Note: you will need the direct IP or URL for the controller to enable the UniFi API to authenticate guests to your WiFi,
Please do not use https://unifi.ui.com as the URL this will not work
Once Logged in to the Captive WiFi Dashboard 
Visit Integrations
* WiFi Hardware
* Select UniFi 
* Find the site in UniFI (this is found after /manage/ URL add the Site ID and add all the MAC addresses of each WiFi AP 
* IF the Site ID is not labelled as Default, please add the login details for the UniFi Controller
NOTE: For the UniFi URL this needs to be the external IP Address please do not add a (forward slash /) at the end of the URL

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