Setting up your Meraki ☁️ Integration

  1. Overview
  2. WiFi Hardware
  3. Setting up your Meraki ☁️ Integration

Before we start this is NOT the setup for Meraki Go

⚡Kick things off by diving into your Meraki dashboard☁️ 
Ensure all APs intended for the Captive WiFi network are recognised and onboarded here. 


  • Go to Wireless and choose Access Control
  • On the Access Control page, select "open"


  • Then select Click Through

  • Enable the Walled Garden and input the following information

  • Now go back to your Wireless settings and choose Splash Page

  • Choose Custom and enter your URL
  • Please use<insert SITE ID> 
  • The site ID can be found under WiFi hardware on the Captive WiFi dashboard

  • Choose the frequency (for hotels we recommend a few days, for restaurants 3 hours)
  • Please visit the dashboard - select "Manage Venue" and copy the Unique ID 
  • In Splash Behavior below please choose "A Different URL"
  • Use this link< Unique ID > that can be found above 


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