How to setup the 📧 Mailchimp Connector 🔗

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  3. How to setup the 📧 Mailchimp Connector 🔗

Please follow the steps below to set up your Mailchimp account!

  • Sign into your Campaign Monitor account first.
  • Click this link ➡️ 
  • Click "Show API Key" it should ask for your password to confirm.
  • Copy the API Key and Client ID and put in a safe place as you will need this next.

If you can't find the API key, please visit the link below to see MailChimp's help center 

Go to the Captvie WiFi Dashboard 

  • Click "Company Integrations" or This Link
  • Select Mailchimp and insert the API Token, and press Update Integrations
  • Head over to Venue Integrations and choose your audience.

The following data will be sent to Campaign Monitor

  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Email Address
  • Birthday Day
  • Birthday Month
  • Source 
  • Venue

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